How can business leaders develop effective public speaking topics?

How can business leaders develop effective public speaking topics?

Many business leaders wonder how to develop effective public speaking topics. Certainly, the first and foremost step to creating effective public speaking topics is to know who your target audience is and what they potentially want to hear. If you have an interested client from China regarding your company´s latest products, you would best avoid talking lengthily about the history of the company and focus more on the products instead. So ask yourself the following questions as you are brainstorming public speaking topics:

  • Where is the speech/presentation being held?
  • Who are my target audience? 
  • What is their motivation to be there? 

The next important part of developing effective public speaking topics is to understand what you yourself want to achieve from this speech or presentation. Perhaps it is a sales pitch or an informative aim; so when you are public speaking, concentrate on the messages you wish to get across. Maybe it is to narrate a success story or to highlight areas that need working on. Whatever it is, make sure you really are clear in your language and speech with the following points:

  • What are my objectives with this speech/presentation?
  • How can I get my message across and at the same time make it more interesting for them? 

If you really are free to choose public speaking topics yourself, then this is sometimes more difficult to choose. I would still suggest to do some homework and check out who is the target audience and then think of possible links that they may be interested to listen to.

Unusual and imaginative public speaking topics often go down well as they are innovative and out of the ordinary. That being said, some topical issues may also be appreciated if they shed more light on situations or give more background information to enable people to comprehend more. Areas of life which resonate with us all could include subjects such as  food and wine, unusual hobbies, working too much, how to enjoy life more, what does the future look like, how to get motivated and keep motivated, and so on.

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