How do you say love in different languages?

How do you say love in different languages?

Have you noticed the best thing about love in different languages? Love has no language barriers. Have you ever fallen in love with someone from a different country, culture and language? I confess that I have and it is absolutely amazing what love can do for language skills.

I truly believe that learning a foreign language is strongly influenced by an exceptional motivation factor and what better motivation than being in love! The results and speed with which people in love learn a different language are actually amazing compared with the people that are forced to learn because of a school curricula or due to work obligations. Perhaps we could call it the “underlying love factor” in language learning.

If we could somehow capture that enthusiasm and hunger for learning just think how easy it would be to speak with people from different nations. In my own experience I learned Spanish at the tender age of 15 because I was in love with a Spaniard. I spent hours and hours learning from my father’s “Teach yourself Spanish books” and I practiced weekly by writing letters word for word, checking grammar and vocabulary incessantly and translating words and expressions in letters that I received from him.

By the age of 17 I was pretty amazing at written Spanish, but could not really speak it and it took me a grand total of 6 months in Spain to transform my written into a fluent spoken level. Since then I never looked back and in the last 5 years have transformed my Spanish into Italian – yes you guessed it, my partner of the last 5 years is Italian.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you need to fall in love to learn a language; there are thousands of really motivated people out there who do learn languages for many other reasons. All I’m saying is that it does help. In addition, we live in such a wonderful world where we do have the opportunity to travel and get to know people from far off lands and the chance to interact on all levels and to learn more and more languages. Why stop at one language? Being able to communicate with anyone in the world is such an advantage both on a personal and a business level.

But, if that love does not appear in your life remember that you don’t have to be in love to learn. Find your motivation from other sources – holidays, business partners, children, penfriends, movies in original language, fascination with new cultures, exotic travel – anything to get you enthralled – maybe its the lyrical sound of Italian that moves you or the grammatical logic of German that fascinates or the soft rolling purring “r”s” of Spanish or the delights of the French cuisine – whatever it is, make it your goal and let it lead you to love in different languages.

So how do you literally say the word love in different languages? Check it out below!

Arabic: حُب


Czech: láska

Danish: kærlighed

Dutch: liefde

Estonian: armastus

Finnish: rakkaus

French: amour

German: die Liebe

Greek: αγάπη

Hungarian: szeretet

Icelandic: ást

Indonesian: sayang

Italian: amore


Korean: 애정

Latvian: mīlestība

Lithuanian: meilė

Norwegian: kjærlighet

Polish: zamiłowanie

Portuguese: amor

Romanian: dragoste

Russian: любовь

Slovak: láska

Slovenian: ljubezen

Spanish: amor

Swedish: kärlek

Turkish: aşk

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